Adolescent Health

Adolescent Health
Adolescent health care is very important and for those around the South Bay, Torrance, Carson, and Greater Los Angeles areas Dr. Elledge provides this crucial service. Patients and families can visit her location in Torrance, CA to ensure physical and mental health is at its best.

Adolescent Health Q&A

by Kay Elledge, MD, FACOG

What is adolescent health?

At the practice, Dr. Elledge takes a preventive approach to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual adolescent health. The office integrates personal and family risk assessment to enhance life, love, health, and emotional balance. Mental and physical health, healthy relationships, and addressing chronic conditions all falls under the purview of adolescent health. These years can affect an adolescent’s overall wellbeing and even their health during the rest of their lives.

What physical health needs are important for adolescents?

During this informative time, it is a good opportunity for children who are growing into adults to start taking responsibility for their physical health including what they eat and staying fit.  Maintaining a healthy diet, being active daily, getting a good night’s sleep, and receiving a physical exam each year are important parts of every adult’s life and during adolescence these healthy habits can be cemented. Adolescents with chronic conditions such as asthma, depression, and ADHD can start to learn coping and management techniques. Ensuring that an adolescent has everything he or she needs to become a health adult is crucial at the practice.

What mental health needs are important for adolescents?

Coping, resilience, and good judgment are all important skills that a person learns during adolescence. These assist young people to attain overall wellbeing and create a foundation for positive mental health. During adolescence, certain mood fluctuations happen. However, roughly one in five actually has a mental health disorder such as depression or anxiety. Monitoring for warning signs and urging young people to be open about how they feel and accepting help is extremely important. Effective treatments exist and can significantly improve the lives of those affected.

Are there special areas of care that affect adolescents?

During adolescence, it is especially important to ensure the proper development of responsible habits. This is a time when a person is far more likely to engage in high risk behaviors such as drinking and driving, engaging in unprotected sex, abusing drugs, and joining in harmful or destructive relationships. It is extremely important that open conversations between the child, family, and doctor begin and continue. This can work to minimize the likelihood that an adolescent will become involved in risky activities.

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