Six Amazing Facts About SculpSure® That You Didn’t Know

You’ve been exercising and eating more fruits and veggies, and while you’re pleased with your progress, certain areas of fat seem to linger on and on. If that reads as autobiographical, you’re not alone. I’m so pleased to offer SculpSure, a laser therapy that targets and effectively destroys stubborn fat cells, typically in a series of 25-minute treatments.

If you’re not familiar with SculpSure, check out these amazing facts:

1. SculpSure is a celebrity secret for flat abs.

Numerous celebrities who spend a good deal of time before the camera has turned to SculpSure for added slimness. Kyle Richards of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and Kourtney Kardashian of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” on E! have both praised the noninvasive treatment publicly, pointing to benefits such as its quickness, ease, and comfort. The scar-free attribute makes it ideal for people who may show a lot of skin in films, movies, or TV shows.

2. It can treat multiple areas simultaneously.

Troubled by the fat bulge on your back, your inner thighs, and your belly as well? Unlike other body contouring treatments, SculpSure can laser away stubborn fat in more than one area at the same time. The FDA has cleared it for reducing fat in the belly, back, love handles, back, inner and outer thighs and, most recently, the chin area. Whether you opt for one larger area or a couple of spots on the same day, you’ll just want to wait six weeks before your next treatment.

3. SculpSure results are permanent.

SculpSure lasers destroy up to 25 percent of the fat cells in a treatment area, and once they’re destroyed, they’re gone for good. This doesn’t mean you can’t gain weight if you stop your healthy lifestyle habits though because other fat cells can still expand. For best and lasting results, make sure to continue healthy habits such as eating a nutritious diet, sleeping sufficiently, and exercising routinely.

4. Results appear gradually, making for a natural shift.

If you were to have cosmetic surgery, your results might appear more quickly, but they’d also be a lot more noticeable than SculpSure results. In other words, it’s more likely that you’d appear as though you “had work done.” After each treatment session, the destroyed fat cells gradually leave your body. You’ll probably begin noticing improvements within six weeks or so, with optimal results taking shape within 12 weeks.

5. It’s literally painless.

SculpSure is a gentle treatment, requiring no incisions or injections. Most people experience a mild tingling sensation off and on throughout the treatment which tends to be tolerated well. This not only means you’ll feel pretty comfortable but that you won’t need downtime for recovery. You can go straight back to your usual daily activities following each treatment session.

6. SculpSure can slenderize a double chin.

If you’re less than pleased with your profile due to fat that’s accumulated under your chin, SculpSure can help. In September 2017, it was approved to treat fat in the submental area, also known as a double chin. A clinical trial showed that patients who received two treatments spaced six weeks apart were 100% satisfied with the dramatic contouring results.

To learn more or find out if you’re an ideal candidate for SculpSure, I’d love to see you for a consultation. Call our office in Torrance, California, or use the online booking tool to make your appointment.

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